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Why DIY Tree Pruning Isn’t Worth the Risk

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

When done correctly, tree pruning can help your trees stay healthy and look beautiful. A certified arborist understands precisely what your tree needs, and is trained in pruning techniques. While pruning may seem easy enough, doing it with little experience and know-how could result in costly, difficult, and dangerous mishaps. Here are some reasons why it is best to leave your tree pruning to the professionals:


>> Mistakes

Arborists accurately assess the grounds and devise a plan before cutting anything to prevent accidents. DIY tree pruners do not have the proper training to cut trees safely. These are some common mistakes that can happen:


  • Using dull tools – Old, overused tools can start to dull, which can make the healing process for branches last longer if it is not cut cleanly. It is also much more physically challenging, cutting branches with dull tools. To stay safe, sharpen your tools routinely or invest in new ones.

  • Using unsanitized tools – You would never want your surgeon to perform surgery on you with unsanitized instruments, and you should not cut into your trees with them either. You are after all, performing a type of surgery on a living thing. Using unsanitized tools can cause soil-borne diseases to spread from previous plants it was used on.

  • Lopping or topping – Lopping refers to cutting a branch into areas that are not a union or node. This is usually done to create the desired shape or remove pieces that are infringing on your home. It creates a less attractive growth pattern and also weakens growing branch structures. This makes your tree more susceptible to fungus. It can cause your tree to have health problems and poses a hazard for your home.

  • Flush cutting – When you cut a branch that grows off the trunk or is the main branch, it can cause uneven bark, which can lead to fungus, disease, and pests.

  • Over lifting and pruning – Removing too much of the lower branches of a tree make the top branches more susceptible to dying. Over-pruning can also lead to a dead tree. Never remove more than 25% of a tree’s leaf-bearing crown and even less if your tree is mature. Just as it would take an older person longer to heal after surgery, it also takes older trees longer to heal as well.


>> Danger

Pruning trees have a high rate of injury because of the height and heavy tools that are involved in the job. Mixing sharp tools and elevated heights are bound to result in accidents – even more so if the person is an amateur. Certified arborists have the necessary tools and equipment such as bucket trucks, professional ladders, safety harnesses, etc. To trim trees securely.


>> Damage

To maintain good health, trees need consistent, expert pruning. Trees that are pruned incorrectly are usually weak and, as such, are a hazard. A strong wind could easily blow down a weak branch or the entire tree causing damage to your family or your property.


A certified, experienced arborist from Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. can make sure your landscape stays healthy and safe. Our work will keep you, your family, and your home protected from these issues. Call us today for a quote.


All credit goes to Arbor Care Tree Service Inc., Mississauga’s Tree Pruning Experts.


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