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Essential Tree Trimming and Pruning Tips

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Nothing looks better than tall, strong, and healthy trees in your backyard or on your curb. It can be difficult to maintain trees to ensure they grow and prosper well. They must be pruned and trimmed properly to keep them in excellent condition. There are a variety of techniques that should be followed to ensure this. Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. will break down the essential tree trimming and pruning tips below.


Why Trimming and Pruning Is Important

The reason it’s important to trim and prune trees is due to the following three purposes:

>> Aesthetic: Nothing enhances curb appeal like a well-maintained tree. However, it’s important not to change its shape or the tree’s size.

>> Safety: Dead branches or broken tree limbs can fall off without notice, which makes them an immediate safety hazard. That’s why branches and limbs should be trimmed, especially branches that are too close to the utility lines.

>> Health: There’s a high possibility that a dying or diseased tree can be saved if certain branches and limbs are pruned and removed. The process can thin the tree’s crown, which ultimately promotes airflow. Any branches that are crossing over each other should be trimmed.


Tree Trimming Tips

>> Hire tree-trimming services during the dormant season. You can necessarily trim the tree at any time; however, it’s more effective to do it when the tree is dormant as it is easier.

>> Consider the size of the branch or branches that you’d like removed. If it is under five centimetres in diameters, it is fine to have removed; however, if it is over this measurement, it may not be practical.

>> Branches that have weak, narrow V-shaped angles should be the only ones trimmed. Branches that are durable with U-shaped angles should be retained.

>> Prune away young branches, as they are far easier to manage and prevent leaving behind visually unpleasant scars. Avoid trimming a branch that is either too long or too close.


Tree Pruning Tips

For pruning a tree, it’s important to consider the three methods:

>> Crown thinning: This occurs when the crown of the tree needs to be thinned out. It’s important to have the lateral branches evenly spaced out especially if you’re pruning younger trees. Prune away branches that rub or cross over each other and never have one-fourth of the tree’s crown removed at once.

>> Crown raising: The tree’s crown can be pruned to ensure clearance for any pedestrians or visitors to your home. Live branches on approximately two-thirds of the tree’s height should be kept. If too many branches are removed from the bottom of the tree, then the tree may not be able to develop a reliable stem.

>> Crown reduction: If more than half the foliage on a branch needs to be removed, then the entire branch should just be removed. The crown of a tree should only be reduced is absolutely necessary.



Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. can handle all of your tree service needs in Oakville. From tree trimming to hedge trimming, stump removal to tree pruning in Mississauga, we do it all. Contact us for our services.


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