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Wrapping Lights Around Your Trees: The Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

With the holiday’s right around the corner, you’re probably thinking about all the ways to decorate your home. One of the most popular forms of holiday décor are lights because they are beautiful and help your home stand out. If you’re planning on wrapping the lights around your trees this year, there are certain things you need to do to ensure safety and do the job right. Dealing with lights and nature is not as easy as you think, so here are some things to keep in mind:


Make sure you select trees that are mature and strong. Wrapping lights around a fragile tree is not a good idea and the tree can collapse from the weight of the lights, which will damage it and affect its growth. Choose the trees wisely and do not start wrapping lights around just any tree that you see.


Measure your tree and its circumference so that you have the right amount of lights. Do not begin the wrapping process without the right information because you may realize that you don’t have enough, which will make the process more difficult and frustrating. The right measurements will help you space out the lights evenly and give you an idea regarding height, distance, and space. Having a plan is very helpful, and will allow the process to be a lot easier because you will have the right knowledge and tools to help you achieve a professional look.


Purchase lights that are specifically designed for the outdoors. It’s easy to get carried away in the decorating section of a store but you must remember that not all lights are meant to be placed outdoors. Safety should come first, which is why you need lights that are waterproof and meant for trees. Wrapping the wrong type of lights is dangerous and can damage your trees.


You will need an extension cord so make sure you have one when you begin decorating. It is extremely important to place it somewhere safe where it won’t be pulled or tripped on. You should also have electrical tape handy so that you can secure the lights as you go along. If you don’t have the right tools, you may have to redo the entire thing or the results will look strange and uneven.


Most trees will require the use of a ladder and it’s always best to have a family member or friend with you when dealing with ladders and lights. Don’t tackle this project on your own and get someone to help to decrease the chance of an accident.


Decorating is you have to remember that your trees are important and need to be cared for properly. If you have any questions or concerns and want advice from an arborist, contact Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. today!


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