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Four Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Have That Tree Removed

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Having several trees on your property not only completes your backyard and curb appeal, but trees also conserve energy, attract beautiful wildlife and produce oxygen. However, trees do not live forever and there will come a time when certain trees on your property may need to be removed. Fortunately, when one tree is removed, another can be planted to enhance your home and the environment further.


If you’re unsure whether certain trees on your property should be cut down to make room for new ones, here are the four signs to look out for:


Dead Tree

If a tree on your property is dead, it is obviously no longer producing oxygen or emitting any benefits whatsoever. In fact, dead trees can actually pose a danger to your property as its structure could be vulnerable to the tree collapsing onto it or branches damaging the roof. Part of caring for the tree and your home and property is to have the deceased tree removed as promptly as possible. Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. offers dead tree removal in Mississauga to prevent the risk of a plant disease developing and spreading onto the property, as well as eliminate the number of falling branches onto your yard.


Trees with Disease or Decay

Unfortunately, even the healthiest of trees can develop disease and infection by being exposed to insects and animals. Decaying or diseased trees will lack proper structural stability, and will likely fall and collapse onto the property, requiring a more time-consuming clean up. Decaying trees also diminish your curb appeal and landscaping, which will make your garden and landscape appear less visually appealing and also make it far more difficult to put the home on the market.


Tree Is Blocking View/Casting Shade

Trees are certainly not considerate of your view, home, garden, or property when they flourish and grow. As beautiful as having them grow throughout the property if you do have a tree that is blocking a critical view onto the lake, the beach, or your beautiful backyard, this can affect your appreciation for your home. It also will negatively impact the potential buyer’s views if they cannot see the amazing view they anticipated. Our tree service in Oakville can remove the tree to dramatically improve your view and allow more sunlight to shine onto your property.


The Tree Is Too Large

If there is an overwhelmingly large tree on your property, it may continue to expand and crowd your yard. The tree may also grow and press against the exterior walls of your home or foundations and require you to pay for expensive repairs to restore your home.


Arbor Care Tree Services is your arborist company in Oakville for full-service tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, and other plant and tree services. Our highly trained and certified staff ensures efficient and safe tree care services for your property. Contact us for our services today!


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