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Can You Remove Trees in the Winter?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

A common misconception is that trees cannot be removed or pruned during the winter months. That could not be further from the truth – they are just not as enjoyable to remove when it is cold outside, so people make excuses. The fact is the drop in temperature outside will not damage pruned trees and the removal process does not take much longer in the cold. Just because you find it unbearable to be outside in the cold does not mean the professionals do as well. They have years of practice caring for greenery in all seasons and weather conditions. Winter can be the best time of year to have your trees pruned or removed efficiently. Here are some reasons why:


>> Accurate Assessments

It will be easier for a professional to examine, assess, and access tree limbs and structures without its leaves. Their diagnosis can be made more efficiently, and it will be more accurate. This results in precise pruning and tree removal.


>> Damage to Gardens or Flowers

Since flowers and summer annuals are not present during the winter, there is no way for them to become damaged. It is one less factor to account for and deal with when pruning or cutting trees. You can rest assure that your landscape will remain intact and look as it should when the temperature rises again.


>> Less Ground Damage

Major jobs like tree removal or substantial pruning jobs can cause ground damage when the structure falls. Because the ground becomes harder when the temperature dips below zero, bigger equipment can go on and off your property with little to no impact on your surroundings. Soft earth can easily damage when this machinery is in use.


>> Low Chances of Spreading Disease

Fungi and insects that spread diseases to plants or people are either dormant or dead during the winter months. Trees produce less sap in the winter than they do in the spring, which attracts insects during the warmer months. These two factors combined mean that it is close to impossible to spread disease in the colder months.


>> Optimum Wound Closure

Because pruning in winter means a lower chance of tree infection, it also means the tree has a better chance of healing after being cut. If done before spring starts to blossom, wounds from pruning can accelerate the healing process. As trees begin to phase out of their dormant stage and into their budding stage, a winter prune can make this process more effective.


More Scheduling Options

Since most people are less likely to have work done on their trees when it gets cold, you will have more times to choose from for your tree removal or pruning. There is a faster turnaround time and more flexibility in scheduling during the winter months.


All trees should be evaluated on an individual basis. If you have questions about the health of your trees, call Arbor Care Tree Service Inc. Our dedicated and experienced team of arborists can provide you with an assessment and restore your garden to full health – no matter what time of year it is.


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