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A Guide to Indoor Trees

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Why would someone want a tree growing inside their home? Well, because they provide a beautiful taste of the outdoors while also being a statement decor piece. If you’re interested in adding some greenery throughout your home, then here’s a guide to the best indoor trees for your living space.


Ficus Ginseng

Unique for its blunt-tipped leaves, Ficus Ginseng features elegant curves that replicate modern art. They prefer indirect light and require regular watering. These special trees need to be pruned in order to keep its shape. This type of bonsai tree is great for new plant owners.


Weeping Fig

Also known as a Ficus Benjamina, the weeping fig is known for holding its shape well. It works in a living space as both a large or miniature house plant, either option thriving in bright, indirect sunlight. This fig tree needs to be kept warm at around 16 degrees Celsius and should be kept away from drafty areas. It enjoys the humidity but doesn’t benefit from soggy roots, meaning that it should only be watered when the topsoil feels dry when touched.


Dragon Tree

Also known as Dracaena Marginata, the dragon tree is known for being one of few easily cared for indoor plants in regards to growth and maintenance. It can grow to six feet over time and is the ideal plant for someone who isn’t home often or is simply forgetful, as it can go a long time without being watered. However, it’s leaves are poisonous to animals, so stay away from this option if you have curious pets.


Umbrella Tree

Originating from Australia and the Pacific Islands, the umbrella tree looks good in any home. It can be kept at four to eight feet tall when indoors and should be pruned occasionally. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, so this tree needs a bright, indirect lighting source to stay healthy. Umbrella trees only need to be watered when the soil feels dry. If the leaves are yellow, then you’ve overwatered it.


Ponytail Palm

A type of succulent tree, the ponytail palm is easy to care for and can withstand being placed in bright lighting. Indoors not bright enough? Then taking it outside in the summer for a bit to meet its light requirements.



A yucca tree has its roots in the Caribbean and the southern United States, as it prefers direct sunlight. It’s one of those plants that doesn’t need to be watered too much. But if you find that your yucca tree is growing quickly, pluck the brown leaves off from the bottom and let it settle.


Mexican Fortune Tree

Also known as a money tree, the Mexican fortune tree is enormous when found in the wild, but indoors they only grow to about ten feet. Their braided trunks are their most unique feature and they’re easy to keep alive. Its leaves are non-toxic to animals, so your furry friends are safe to nibble on it. A money tree doesn’t need excessive amounts of water and needs to be repotted every two years.


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